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Fiber Optic

F3 Optic provides customers with additional services such as connector termination, fiber integration, cable repair or connector re-polish. We believe that such services allow customers to save costs, time and extend the life or use of their damaged or performance degraded product.

Whether you need us to install new connectors or change-over existing connectors – we can bring new performance back into your components or cable assemblies. If you would like to save your existing connector and would like us to re-polish the ferrule to standard quality levels, our re-conditioning process provides near new performance results to any SC, FC, LC, ST or other types. 

Please contact us for further details at our Sales department

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Our termination services can connectorize (terminate) any fiber optic connector to your products – whether a cable that has a broken connector or a coupler that needs to change connectors.

Each termination project uses the same high-performance processing as done with new cables and the results meets or exceed industry specifications including (Telcordia GR-326).

Each unit or service is fully tested and validated using our 3-point final inspection process.


∞ Patch Cables, Jumpers, Multi-Strand Cables, Ribbon Cable, Industrial Cable
Indoor/Outdoor Cable, Trunk Cables
∞ Trunk Cables, Data Center Cables
∞ Couplers, Splitters, Devices (Active and Non-Active), DWDM and Optical Products


∞ 100% Tested for continuity and Power Loss Testing   (For Certain Components)
∞ Connector Physical Functionality Test
∞ Inspect and Validate Fiber Cable Condition
∞ Local Pick Up and Delivery Available
∞ Competitive Pricing and Complete Satisfaction

* All services rendered and results may vary from original specifications.