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Fiber Harnesses
and Breakout Assemblies

Fiber Harnesses and Breakout Assemblies

We specialize in fiber optic cable harnesses and breakout cable assemblies that utilizes the latest fiber connectivity technologies meeting each form, fit and function objective. Whether the fiber cable harness calls for 2 to 124 fibers or multi-connector arrangements with a staggered array – we can provide a turnkey solution that fits your needs. F3 fiber sales technicians work closely with you during the concept to design stage and provides diverse options in materials and manufacturing capabilities. We offer full NPI (new products introductions) support as well as FA (first articles) on most requirements, assuring that your product can move into production.

Call or email us for your on-site consultation or online technical support for your next custom
Fiber assembly requirement at Sales

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Form Types

∞ Staggered Connector Series, Pulling Eye Systems, Protective Conduit Assemblies
∞ Installation Cables, Overhead Track Harnesses, Categorized Bundled Harnesses

Cable Options

∞ 24 Fiber MTP Fanouts to LC, ST, SC Connectors
∞ Multi-Bundle Harnesses and Staggered Bundles
∞ Ribbon Fiber, Distribution/Trunk Cables, Tactical and Indoor/Outdoor plant cable
∞ Multi-Connector Harnesses and Hybrid Options
∞ MTP, LC, FC, ST, SC, Mil-Spec, SMA and more
∞ Custom Lengths, Dimensions and Orientations

Bottom Link Harness-2