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Flexible Manufacturing

F3 Optic supports our clients time to market objectives with flexible manufacturing services developed for efficient design to product transitions, engineering change requirements and custom solutions. 

Our flexible solutions also offer our customers services that can meet their procurement demands from same day manufacturing, consigned materials allocation, and localized catered programs.

Our facility offers full production, cable termination, materials stock and can turn around cables in a brief period, depending on type. 

We have both same day and next day services for certain types of fiber optics cables.  Please contact us for more information.

Contact us for expedited services at our Sales department

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We offer the following Flexible Manufacturing Services to cater to each unique customer requirement and includes:

∞ Local Silicon Valley Manufacturing Facility
∞ On-site and On-line engineering/technical support
∞ High Mix-Medium Volume Production Capabilities
∞ NPI (New Products Introduction) and First Article Samples
∞ Stocking Programs to alleviate and allocate dedicated stock for clients *Subject to terms*
∞ Rush/Expedite Manufacturing (from Same Day to Shortened Lead Times)
*Same day services depend on product and time of request.

Please call us for more information, as well as if you have a special attention that may need us to place priority on your requirements.