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Industrial and Installation Cables

F3 Optic’s industrial fiber optics cable solutions provides engineers and installers with an assembly that installs easily while exceeding their systems performance level criteria.

Whether the installation requires high flex jacketing, mixed connectors, or color-coded identification – we can assist and manufacture a cable that has the features and benefits that is required.

Each assembly provides system adaptive performance, including ultra-polish connectors (UPC) for low loss connections, a unique breakout feature reinforced for pull rigidity and reliable connectivity performance.

We can support your next design process by offering numerous effective solutions such as:

∞ Design Assistance on site or by web conferencing
∞ Materials and Performance requirements
∞ First Article and sample builds
∞ ECO (engineering change) and Warranty services

Connector Types

∞ Single and Mixed Connector Options
∞ MTP and MPO Multi-mode, Single mode Low Loss
∞ LC, LC Secure ™
∞ SC, SC Secure ™
∞ FC, ST, MU

Form Types

∞ Staggered Connectors with Pulling Eye Systems
∞ Conduit System Harnesses for harsh environment
∞ High-Bend Torsional Fiber Cables
∞ Flat Ribbon, Low Profile and Rigid Cables

Cable Options

∞ Trunk Cables, Conduit System Cables, Hybrid Cables
∞ Fiber Bundles for Networks and Rack Systems
∞ 2- Strand to 144 Strand Fiber Cable
∞ MTP Harnesses and Assemblies
∞ Indoor/Outdoor, Armored, Ribbon and Tactical Cables
∞ Node and Service Cables

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