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Cable Performance


Quality In Each Product

Cable Performance- Pic 1

At F3 Optic quality and performance are focal attributes of each custom and standard fiber optic cable assembly that we manufacture . From the out-gass of our epoxy to ensure adhesive reliability to our reinforced pulling eye system for critical installations – we review each application prior to manufacturing so that you are assured of getting the cable that is specifically built for it.  We use only leading materials and component brands from Corning Cable, Senko, 3m, Epotek, AFL  and more.

Each cable is fully tested to Telcordia GR-326 , IEEE, TIA/EIA standards while meeting our strict validations for optical performance and physical integrity.  We use various standard testing equipment for Insertion Loss/Return Loss testing, visual inspection and physical quality criteria’s.

Connector Performance

Each connector is polished using a 3-step automated system that provides an optimal connector interface that is free from scratches, debris and any loss inducing contamination. At F3 Optic both singlemode and multimode assembly types are tested using congruent standards where quality in end-face and low-loss are optimally achieved. This feature sets us apart from others and delivers a performance guarantee no matter which fiber types are used.

  • Each connector is inspected at 400X magnification using analog/digital scopes for imperfections and contamination
  • We clean and re-clean all connectors after polish, testing and in final quality review
  • Each cable is tested for fiber breaks (continuity) and for Power Loss and Back Reflection
  • We only the highest quality connector brands that are built to last and perform with each connection
  • Telcordia GR-326 Performance and Reliability


Validation and Testing

Our fiber optics products undergo a process of testing and validation for each cable and each connector. We use a 100% test policy on each connector and each cable ensuring our customer’s requirements when installed. We believe that by doing this- we eliminate the interim’s of performance issues and avoid costly effects to our customers.

  • 400X Analog Westover and Digital Inspection Scopes
  • JDS RM3 1310/1550 nm Power Meters and Lasers
  • Handheld MM 850/1310 Field Power Loss Meters
  • 1mW Fault Locators and Fiber Break Test Tools
Fiber Type Insertion Loss Return Loss Repeatable Cycles
Singlemode – 0.20 dB
-55 dB (upc)
-65 dB (apc)
500 Mating’s
Mulitmode (62.5,
– 0.45 dB
– 35 dB 500 Mating’s
Bottom Link Fiber Patch-1

Patch Cables


Performance Cables built for Networks and Dense Patch Connections where reliability is important.

Bottom Link Harness-2

Fiber Harness


Multi-Connector Series designed for easy installations, harsh environment and internal systems connectivity.

Bottom Link Fanout -3

Industrial Fiber Cables


Fanout Cables designed for your specific application where form , fit and function are important.


Termination Services


We offer an array termination services for your device, component and cable assemblies.